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Praise the Lord,

 I don't know what you are dealing with today, but I do know Jesus is the answer. There is no one or nothing greater than God!! As the song says My God is Awesome. Whatever you are dealing with, you "First" need to know that God LOVES you! No matter your circumstance or situation. "Second" You are someone special and uniquely created in "His" image. God created us to glorify him! How, is your question? You can achieve this by giving yourself to "Him" completely; Body, mind & soul. "Third" you can trust and feel safe in knowing that "God" sent his son Jesus as a ransom, to stand in the gap as our redeemer, so that you can accept his free gift of salvation and not have to face eternal damnation. This Christian walk of life isn't about religion, its about relationship. Its about changing your thought process, behavior process, and character. Romans 12:1-2 explains how God makes this possible by your willing to renew your mind and not be transformed to accept the ways of the world. Adam gave the reigns to Satan because of his disobedience to God. We can only over come Satan by choosing Christ and being obedient to God. God has given us free will to choose our team. I choose team "Jesus", So that you can become that which God originally created you to be, A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD!!! Be blessed, Pastor Morris